Specialties: Body pump, Weight training & Weight loss Program, Zumba Dance, Dance fusion, Cardio Training, Core Fusion About Trainer: The people here makes me happy. I especially enjoy to help the members here. Every time a member is satisfied, it makes me feel appreciated and I look forward to continuously giving my best to the members. Qualifications or certificates:

  • Body Pump


Specialties: Body Builder, Body Beauty, Weight Gain, Weight loss, Strength Training, Conditioning training. About Trainer: I am extremely passionate in what I do. I contribute the best that I can for the members enrolled here. Their satisfaction is my top priority. Qualifications or certificates:

  • TRX training
  • Core training
  • Stretching


Specialties: TRX training
, ViPR Training
,  Weight gain and weight loss,
 Core fusion,
 Crunch (6 pack)
, Bums and Tums
,  Stretching, TABATA, Cardio,
 Mobility Agility,
 Boxing. About Trainer: Health is my number one priority and I value it as the most important in my life. I enjoy at F1 Fitness. 
I want everyone to have a healthy body and lifestyle by spending your time at the gym. 
I would like to help people with my advices and experience so that they are able to achieve their goals. I am very glad that I am given this opportunity to share my advices and experience and am more than happy to help the members here.   Qualifications or certificates:

  • Project citizen (THAILAND)
  • Fighter Crystal Camp (Fighter Camp)
  • Social Network Business Program
  • MUAM 2016 (Finalist)


Specialties: Weight gain and loss program, Thai Boxing training, TRX, BOSU, Vipr and Agility training, cardio.  About Trainer: I used to be a football player so I’m good with agility training. I can teach the most updated training with the best technique. I can communicate with members politely  and satisfy them by training them efficiently in weight gain and lost programs. Qualifications or certificates:

  • Body Pump


Specialties: Body beauty- weight Loss, weight Gain, general Fitness training About Trainer: Since I was young, I had a dream and wish to help people. Now that I am a fitness instructor, a part of my dreams are being fulfilled as I am helping people to achieve good health and attractive body. I will always give my all and try my best in order for members to be satisfied. Qualifications or certificates:

  • 1991 Myanmar Volley Ball selection,
  • 2007-2010 Volley Ball coach
  • TRX training
  • Core training
  • Stretching


 Weight gain and weight lost, Foundational movement, Sports training, Health and wellness, Yoga About Trainer: I am an athletic person. I used to be a volleyball player. 
I believe that exercise can prevent health problems and improve quality of life while achieving our fitness and lifestyle goals. This is why I decided to be a personal trainer of a fitness center. I enjoy helping my clients work towards their goals. Qualifications or certificates:

  • s(1) B.Sc ( Physics )
  • First Aid/ CPR/AED
  • Yoga
  • Body Pump
  • Body Balance
  • Volley ball coach